Ibanez JPM P2, 1998.

JPM nice
It’s hard to not over-saturate and color correct when editing photos of this guitar. You just want that beautiful finish to pop right out!

Perhaps the most unique guitar I have, and will ever own. An Ibanez JPM P2 in perfect condition, signed by all the members of Dream Theater (Portnoy too).

I just recently started playing it again and boy is it great. It has an insane amount of personality and the pickups are insanely colorful and unique. No matter which amp you play it through it always have that distinctive attack that draws you back to the old Dream Theater records.

I spent an entire summer, around 2 months, working my ass off to afford this guitar. But boy was it worth it in the end. The memories of meeting the band and talking to JP was just priceless and that is why this guitar means a lot to me.