Taking care of your Floyd Rose guitar Part 8: Replacing the Switch (2/3)

When should you replace parts like this? In this case, I should have done it a long time ago. But what if its not that big of a problem, and if its not a constant issue?

My advice is, just do it. Just replace it or at least try to figure out what what the problem is. You will save yourself so much frustration and the problem usually gets worse if you ignore it. Then one day you’re standing on stage and your input jack is completely dead. And of course, do it yourself! You will learn so much more about your instrument and save A LOT of money. This particular thing would probably have cost be at least $100 if I went to my closest music store.

Tools I used:

  • Soldering Station
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen wrench
  • Safety goggles (important)
  • Tin (for soldering)
  • Wire cutters

IMG_20141204_171530    IMG_20141204_171544

If you read my previous guide you already know the most basic things, like removing your strings and setting up the bridge. If you don’t, please follow this link. I won’t cover things like that in this guide. 

Taking care of your Floyd Rose guitar Part 1: Overview

Setting up

Set up your guitar so it’s easy to work with. Have your tools nearby and make sure everything is correctly set up. Don’t turn on your soldering station until it’s time to use it etc.

Remove the screw from the pick guard. Make sure you don’t remove the wrong screws (pickup, switch etc). Remember to take it easy and be careful. Especially if you’re working with an older instrument. Things easily snap, and wires easy break if they are old. If you’re a newbie it can be very frustrating to identify where wires are suppose to go.

IMG_20141204_171749 IMG_20141204_171859 IMG_20141204_172613

Identifying the issue

Lift up the pick guard carefully, do not pull or twist anything. Try to figure out how to lift it in the most gentle way, then just lay it down up side down, like in the picture. Identify the switch and take several picture of the current soldering scheme. Do it from several angels as the numbers may differ on the switches.

IMG_20141204_173430  IMG_20141204_172931  IMG_20141204_172945

Check out the next part where I’ll be covering the soldering!

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