Taking care of your Floyd Rose guitar Part 7: Replacing the Switch (1/3)

Back to maintenance… An old guitar is like an old car, unless you take care of them, they will fall apart. This particularIMG_20141203_173319 guitar, my old Ibanez RG550, is from 1991. It’s pretty much all original, except for the pickups. The switch has been problematic for quiet some time now, but I’ve managed to postpone this little restoration project for while now.

In this little miniguide (3 parts) I’ll be showing you how to successfully replace the switch. If you purchased an YM-50 switch it should be pretty straight forward. Just take lots of photos of everything before you start working. Some problems that might arise are the old solder connections. They have a tendency to be really hard to melt. You should never hold your soldering iron too long on the connections, since that might damage the pots.

I’ll be uploading a new part every day.


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