Taking care of your Floyd Rose guitar Part 9: Replacing the Switch (3/3)

This post was written when I had the flu and has not been edited yet… 🙁

Time to solder!

Like I always say, there’s no perfect way to do it. This is the second switch replacement I’ve done and I’ve done it the same way both of the times. It’s very straight forward and should not take more than 30 min.

If you’re new to soldering, look up a specific guide for that. You’re dealing with extreme heat and should be extremely careful. Wear safety goggles to save yourself from any splashes and make sure you place your soldering iron on a non-flammable surface (or in the sheath) every time you put it down.


Getting in to it

So basically what you do is; take several pictures in case anything breaks, like a backup. Unscrew the old switch, but don’t remove the tin yet.

Take your new switch and just screw it in place, with your old switch just hanging in the air (see picture below this one if it’s unclear). This makes it super easy to see where each connection should go. Remember to double check everything  the switch is facing the correct way etc.


With your new switch in place, simply unsolder the connections one at a time on the old switch, and put the wire on the new switch.

IMG_20141204_174005     IMG_20141204_174259

Repeat this until all the connections have been transferred. Make sure to not rush it and avoid making poor connections. If you feel a connection is just barely up to par, warm it up and re-attach it. There’s nothing worse than a wire breaking after a week.

Once you’re done, plug in an instrument cabel and test the switch. You can simply tap the pickups with your finger to ensure there’s sound.

Enjoy your new switch! 


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